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Secret Society
Modern Speakeasy Style and Design
Produced by
Patrice Farameh

Curated by
Christian Alexander

Designed by
Susanne Schaal

Gaining access into worlds hitherto unknown is a most intoxicating privilege. In an era when even the most obscure knowledge is widely available, secrecy contains major cache. Perhaps this is why, well past the Prohibition era, the contemporary speakeasy thrives, albeit under the radar. These destinations, infused with an illicit, festive atmosphere, admit only the most discerning, daring, and ”in the know” night crawler. In this beautifully illustrated book we will reveal the coordinates of some of the world’s most exclusive hotspots that speak volumes to the true nightlife connoisseur. Through photographs and interviews with elite nightlife impresarios, Secret Society takes us on a journey into an alluring underground culture.

34.3 x 26.7 cm
13.5 x 10.5 inches

346 pp. hardcover in slipcase
Over 300 color photo
© 2019 Copyright Patrice Farameh