The Dark Side of High Fashion

A visual journey of over 300 photographs with fashion’s most cutting-edge photographers, designers and stylists exposes the ominously beautiful obsession with the bad boy aesthetic and reveals what draws us into the darkness, providing a daring testament to the love affair with the gloomy, sultry side of Rock ‘N Roll. Divided into five chapters that explore the different sides of modern rock fashion: Dark Angel, Vamp Glam, Tribal Nomad, Hard Rock, and Future Punk.

Patrice Farameh

Susanne Schaal

32.4 x 24.8 cm / 12.75 x 9.75 inches
224 pp. hardcover
Over 300 images from leading photographers
$ 95.00 USD / € 75.00 / £ 65.00
ISBN 978-0-9840341-4-7

Sold exclusively at all Barney’s
New York stores
Special edition of 250 copies
in an acrylic case
$ 195.00 USD
ISBN 978-0-9840341-5-4

Patrice Farameh, an internationally published editor of over 40 luxury coffee table books and the creative force behind the The Curated Collection, is using her expert knowledge of the luxury and lifestyle industry to curate this beautifully illustrated book showcasing the best examples of designers, photographers, and stylists that celebrate the dark, alluring, sexy side of fashion inspired by a modern rock and roll aesthetic.