Artisanal, Specialty and Bespoke Objects

Objects of Desire showcases the ultimate artisanal, specialty and bespoke objects that elicit desire and those strong emotions that one would never expect an inanimate object to produce. Culled from around the globe, the selection of these luxurious objects might sometimes be surprising, but most always the ones that are lusted after and adored for their unique design and painstaking craftsmanship based on the highest degree of human focus and ingenuity. These precious objects possess a kind of beauty that establishes intimate emotional connections that are based on traditions of artistry and integrity, free of any traces of showiness and the overt vulgarity of the “better with bling” era. Serving as tangible reflections of personal histories and expressions of good taste, these desired pieces enter lives to become tomorrow’s heirlooms. To own one of these desirable items may be a little costly, but the surrender is so sweet.

Patrice Farameh

25 x 32 cm / 9.8 x 12.6 inches
464 pp. hardcover
$ 125.00 USD / € 90.00 / £ 80.00
ISBN 978-0-9830831-1-5

Patrice Farameh, an internationally published editor of over 40 luxury coffee table books and the creative force behind the The Curated Collection, is using her expert knowledge of the luxury and lifestyle industry to curate this beautifully illustrated book showcasing the best artisanal, hand-crafted, and bespoke objects in the world.